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INDRESS is a Paris-based brand led by Dutch designer Wies Schulte focused on creating effortless, playful and sophisticated clothes and accessories in unparalleled colors. Each collection explores the potential of light and movement on a silhouette. Wies creates almost all of her color dyes herself before they are replicated by her manufacturers. Her designs are produced with care and rest on high-quality and long-lasting materials. Her impeccable English flannel suits, her lustrous French silk and lurex garments, her minimal coats informed by Japanese design transcend classification and are meant to be paired together from one season to the next.

Wies grew up in The Netherlands and graduated from the Fashion Academy of Antwerp. She moved to Paris in the 90’s and juggled a career in fashion working for the likes of Castelbajac and Kenzo with her own creative projects. In 2001, she launched INDRESS in the bustling neighborhood of Belleville. Her long-time associate, Maud Courault, joined her several years later. INDRESS has been an independent brand ever since.

The flagship store was inaugurated in 2017 in Le Marais in a two-story art gallery entirely renovated by Wies. The striking bay windows, elegant marble façade and terrazzo floor are some of its most irresistible features. Striped of all excess, the space is the perfect canvas to display the depth and elegance of each collection. Other intriguing details include an imposing lacquered wall, vinyl monochrome boxes arranged by the windows and inviting sheepskin chairs that reflect the brand’s rich influences.

INDRESS collections are available in the flagship store, on the brand website and in renowned department stores and recognized boutiques worldwide.

Each season, Wies and French film director Frédéric Guelaff highlight the beauty and singularity of INDRESS collections through unexpected and witty campaigns at the crossroads between cinema, art and fashion.